All Natural Flea Free Food Supplements

 Flea Free Food Supplement is an all natural way to effectively remedy blood sucking insects such as; fleas, lice, mites, mosquitoes among others. Flea Free is harmless to humans and pets. It contains no chemicals or poisons. There is also over 200 vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids to help keep your pets healthy, as well as keeping them flea and insect free !

   This all natural flea free food supplement can be added to either your pets water or food. It goes into their blood stream emitting enzymes that blocks the protein that the female flea requires to lay her eggs. With the absence of protein being detected by the female, she will not consume your animal's blood resulting in her leaving your pet  and dying within 20-22 hours. Flea Free is great for eliminating fleas on your pets without harmful chemicals.


Flea Free Food Supplement 16 oz.
Flea Free Food Supplement 32 oz.
Flea Free Food Supplement 64 oz.
Flea Free Food Supplement 128 oz.